*These electives/clubs are subject to change each semester based on teacher/student support.


In art club we seek to expand the creative horizon of each student by exploring different mediums and styles, practice drawing skills, and undertake diverse projects.  Our goals are to grow as artists and better develop our own personal style and art identity.

Chess Club

In this elective, students will master the basic piece moves of the chess board and begin to develop strategies for playing the game of chess. During the period, the majority of the time students will be playing each other. Other times, we will learn defensive and offensive strategies as a group. The elective will also host a chess tournament for those enrolled in the elective.

Chapel Worship Band

This club is for those who love sharing their musical skills for worship! Hope has a beautiful chapel that this club calls home. Students with a variety of instrumental and vocal backgrounds compose the band that leads worship every week.

Robotics Club

This Robotics team builds robots to compete in Chicago competitions. Stellar minds and steady hands are necessary on this squad of future engineers!


What can be louder than a bomb? What in this world is so incredible that it commands us all to look at our world through the eyes of others?  It is your word and your voice.  Learn the techniques of poetry while expressing yourself through words and music.  Learn how to collaborate and communicate with your peers – and your teachers- via the spoken word form. Be prepared to dig deep, look at the world around you and through your very voice, engage and entrance the audience!

Student Ambassadors

How well do you represent yourself, your school, your organization? The Chicago Hope Student Ambassadors serve as emissaries on behalf of the school for Open Houses, High School Fairs, and Shadow Days. They gain valuable interpersonal communication and individual presentation skills that are essential for life after High School.

Student Government

Are you the next President of the United States? The next Treasurer or Secretary of State? Your journey starts here. Run your campaign, win the election, and lead your school! Student government helps organize a variety of school events.