Dreams Achieved: Princeton, Bradley and More!

Spring is here and it’s that time of year when our seniors begin to receive the fruits of their labor! College acceptances have been rolling into Chicago Hope Academy and we are more than excited to celebrate these major accomplishments with our students. Acceptances have come this year from institutions like Penn State University, Wheaton College, Williams College, University of Illinois, … [Read more...]

February 2017 Newsletter

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Education Desk: A Short History Of Illinois’ Inequitable School Funding

Our very own Joshua Cauhorn (former teacher, now board member) was recently interviewed by NPR Illinois for their "Education Desk" feature. Cauhorn speaks directly and candidly on how Illinois arrived at its current system of funding, and goes on to comment on some of the current plans on the table. Listen to the full interview here … [Read more...]


Parking for Chicago Hope family and visitors is available during school days alongside the triangular plaza in front of school. Please park on the plaza-side and not street-side, as the street-side belongs to residents. Additional free parking is available on Polk street, on the side shared with Livingston Park, which is owned by Chicago Hope Academy. Also, on 1st street, east of Ogdon on … [Read more...]

Chicago Hope Academy Attendance Policy

Good attendance is important for many reasons. Your child receives the maximum benefit of education by being in school every day, and numerous studies show a definite link between academic performance and consistent attendance. While perfect attendance is the goal, we realize that sometimes absences may be unavoidable. Parents and students are both responsible to make sure that students are … [Read more...]

Founder’s History

By B. J. Weber -  President of New York Fellowship Heroes, it has been said, are made not born. The character qualities that make a hero are courage, sacrifice, and vision. Heroes are those who dream bigger than most and live out their purpose and ideals in the face of danger, threat or hardship. In the end, a hero saves lives, confronts evil, and someone lives to tell the tale. Bob Muzikowski … [Read more...]

A Gathering to Support Hope

The Gathering for Hope is an annual fund raiser and play performed by our very own students. The Gathering is a modern-day retelling of the Last Supper, complete with both humor and thought-provoking moments. Students perform for the community Thursday and Friday nights, culminating in a Saturday performance and gala fund raising event. This year, students gave a rousing first two performances, … [Read more...]

The School that Drops Students into a Dunk Tank

How do you get to Mexico? By dropping in to a dunk tank obviously! While that may not be the most traditional method, the 2015 senior class did just that. In order to raise money for their home-building mission trip to Mexico, students recruited supporters to send them in to the dunk tank AND to Mexico. A clear win-win for family and friends of our seniors.      On a cold Sunday in March, … [Read more...]


Chicago Hope Academy is proud to launch 3,000 STRONG; a campaign of 3,000 people giving $40 a month. 3,000 STRONG helps bridge the financial gap for Hope families to receive a high-quality Christian college prep education. Chicago Hope provides an academically rigorous high school education at an affordable price. 3,000 STRONG empowers Hope to offer extensive financial aid for deserving … [Read more...]

Polar Plunge #whoneedsprom

Sponsor a Chicago Hope senior to send them to Mexico & into the dunk tank! Every year, the senior class travels to Mexico during spring break to build homes for families in need. Instead of hosting a prom, students intentionally serve a community in need. The last few days of the trip students get to relax and reflect on the beach in San Diego. Check out highlights from last … [Read more...]