Robotics Team at F.I.R.S.T. Midwest Regional

Chicago Hope Robotics Team

Chicago Hope’s Robotics Team competed for the first time in the Midwest Regional for Illinois FIRST Robotics Competition. More than 50 teams and thousands of spectators attended the event, which was held at the UIC Pavilion. The top teams advanced from Regionals to the National Championships. Senior Chris Triplett shared his experience this year:

“It was stressful getting our robot ready for the competition. When we first started, everything was going smoothly, but our lack of background knowledge about the details of the competition meant that troubleshooting problems was difficult. It was hard to tell if it was the programming or something electrical that caused issues in the robot’s performance. Teams like Lane Tech and the Black Knights helped us a lot with the problems. We were not ready to compete until the day of the competition. However, despite the odds, we finished 26th out of 54 teams. We definitely made an impact for our first year.”

Hope Robotics Team

Robot Competion