Dreams Achieved: Princeton, Bradley and More!

Spring is here and it’s that time of year when our seniors begin to receive the fruits of their labor! College acceptances have been rolling into Chicago Hope Academy and we are more than excited to celebrate these major accomplishments with our students. Acceptances have come this year from institutions like Penn State University, Wheaton College, Williams College, University of Illinois, Syracuse University, Northwestern University, Pepperdine University and University of Miami and more! Our students are preparing for the next grand phase of their lives and we are eager to see how the Lord uses them beyond the CHA community.

One standout acceptance this year was recently recieved by John Garcia. After months of hard work and diligence, John has become the first CHA student to be accepted to Princeton University.  Furthermore, he has been granted a full-ride tuition! John is one of our four-year students and has taken great advantage of the CHA experience. From the football field to the classroom, John has shown excellence in what has been set before him. As one of the first of his family to go college, John hopes to pursue a degree in economics with the dream to fully support his loved ones. This is an example of the character that we strive for in each student that attends Hope. We are so very proud of him and cannot wait to see what great things are in store.

It has also been a joy to see our students get into their dream schools. Melissa Montiel has been raving about Bradley University since the beginning of the school year. From her enthusiasm about the academic opportunities to the campus life, it has been evident that her heart was set on this place early on. Therefore, it was such a pleasure to get the news that she had been accepted along with a substantial financial aid package. The excitement on her face when she talked about her plans next year are proof that this is place she needs to be. Melissa will be pursuing studies in Elementary Education as a first generation college student. Melissa says she has always had a passion for working with children and is excited to pursue a degree in this field. 

It’s the stories like these that we desire to cultivate at Chicago Hope Academy. Please keep our students in your prayers as they make these big life decisions and voyage on into the real world.

Charlotte Hallstrom
College Counselor

 Melissa Montiel
Bradley University
Class of 2021

My name is Melissa Montiel and I can proudly say I am the first in my family to go to college. My college of first choice was Bradley University. Thanks to God and those who supported me, I was accepted and will be attending in the fall. It was my first choice due to their Education program. Since I will be majoring in Elementary Education, it was important to see that Bradley would greatly support me. Thankfully, their program is indeed helpful and something I would benefit from. Chicago Hope Academy has prepared me for the next step in life due to the teachers sharing their college experience. Of course, the academics at Hope have been helpful, but the teachers and mentors have also shared memories and tips that I have learned from and will remember. My College Counselors, Isaiah Muzikowski and Charlotte Hallstrom helped me throughout the college application process. They were there to answer any questions or soothe any worries I had and celebrated with me as well. Not only did Hope help me, but being a part of Chicago Scholars was a huge blessing. They continuously pushed me into finishing my applications and scholarships before first semester so I would not have to worry about it later. My favorite memory at Chicago Hope Academy would be the Senior Mexico Trip. I fell in love with Mexico and the beautiful landscape, but more importantly, I enjoyed the opportunity to work with the people in Ensenada. Bonding with the seniors and the teachers was amazing and something every student should look forward to senior year.

John Garcia
Princeton University
Class of 2021

As part of the first generation of my family to go to college, navigating the college application process was a bit difficult. However, many mentors helped me along the way. Chicago Scholars helped me start everything very early and revise drafts of my essays. My College Counselor was always quick to respond whenever I needed her help or had any questions. As for being accepted to Princeton, my work ethic, extracurricular activities, and grades were only part of the equation. The teachers who wrote my recommendation letters played a huge part as well. I have always tried to push myself, but without the mentors in my life I would not have been able to achieve my great standing with my high school. These mentors have helped to shape me and that made a huge difference in my acceptance into Princeton. I want to thank my teachers: Mr. Kuhn, Coach Wyatt, my College Counselor Ms. Hallstrom, Coach Ike, and many other mentors I have from Chicago Scholars for helping me in my high school career.