*Clubs have the potential to change every year based on student interest.

Chess Club

In this elective, students will master the basic piece moves of the chess board and begin to develop strategies for playing the game of chess. During the period, the majority of the time students will be playing each other. Other times, we will learn defensive and offensive strategies as a group. The elective will also host a chess tournament for those enrolled in the elective.

Chapel Worship Team

Every week, students lead worship on stage during our Friday chapel. During the course of the week, students rehearse and learn to play various gospel and worship melodies.


This elective, taught by world travel geographer/seasonal resident artist Neal Nichols, introduces the basic elements of drawing and evolves into perspectives, conceptual and commercial illustration techniques. Students will build upon skill and develop a portfolio over the semester.

The Gospel and Rap

In this elective, students look at the Gospel narrative through lens of Rap music.

Interpersonal Communications

Led by three Moody Bible Institute Graduate Counseling students, the Interpersonal Communications course is designed to help students build and effectively communicate in their current relationships. Hope students are provided an outlet to grow in intimacy with others, whether it be family, friends or God.

Robotics Club

The Hope Robotics team builds robots to compete in a FIRST robotics competition. Stellar minds and steady hands are necessary on this squad of future engineers!

Senior Society

Here at Hope, we are excited to celebrate how far our Seniors have come. They are the pride and joy of the school. Seniors are required to join this elective if intending to come along on the home-building trip to Mexico.

Student Ambassadors

How well do you represent yourself, your school, your organization? The Chicago Hope Student Ambassadors serve as emissaries on behalf of the school for Open Houses, High School Fairs, and Shadow Days. They gain valuable interpersonal communication and individual presentation skills that are essential for life after High School.

Student Government

Are you the next President of the United States? The next Treasurer or Secretary of State? Your journey starts here. Run your campaign, win the election, and lead your school! Student government helps organize a variety of school events.