Founder’s History

–  President of New York Fellowship
Heroes, it has been said, are made not born. The character qualities that make a hero are courage, sacrifice, and vision. Heroes are those who dream bigger than most and live out their purpose and ideals in the face of danger, threat or hardship. In the end, a hero saves lives, confronts evil, and someone lives to tell the tale. Bob Muzikowski is my hero.

Chicago Hope Academy's Bob Muzikowski (Courtesy Chicago Hope Academy)

Bob and I met inauspiciously on a rugby field 35 years ago in New York City. Bob, a Columbia University graduate and MBA, was standing on the sideline watching me play (while he held a sippy cup which contained hidden cocaine). When I got kicked out of the game for a typical rugby scuffle, Bob mused to a friend. “Hey, that guy who just got thrown out of the game, is he really a priest?” Yes, I was and am (a married Anglican priest, just for reference).

It took a while for Bob and me to move from teammates to friends. I hung in for four years of friendship, and prayed and counseled as curiosity and sanity began to merge in Bob’s life then watched as he ventured into the realm of faith. A new life arose out of Bob’s addiction and despair. He found the joy of a sane, sober and spiritual way of living. If Bob Muzikowski’s story ended there, it would have been…

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