The School that Drops Students into a Dunk Tank

How do you get to Mexico? By dropping in to a dunk tank obviously!

While that may not be the most traditional method, the 2015 senior class did just that. In order to raise money for their home-building mission trip to Mexico, students recruited supporters to send them in to the dunk tank AND to Mexico. A clear win-win for family and friends of our seniors.

Dunk 1    Dunk 2

On a cold Sunday in March, students, staff (and everyone that wanted to see them get soaked) gathered at our Christian academy. With Mix 105 broadcasting live from Hope, attendees took aim and threw softballs at the target to drop seniors and staff in to the tub. Students powered through the cold weather to raise enough money for the trip.

One week later, those same students traveled to Ensenada, Mexico. The money raised covered traveling costs and paid for the supplies necessary to build multiple homes. The Chicago Hope team of students and staff were hosted by Youth With a Mission (YWAM). Ahead of Hope’s arrival, YWAM worked with families through an application process to ensure that homes were built for needy and deserving families. YWAM is committed to the families so that they are connected to local churches and will be a blessing to others with their new home.

Hope Girls Mexico 2015     2015-03-17 10.32.23

It was a transformative experience for the students. They got first-hand experience of creating a better home for a great family. One senior recounted a memorable moment when the mother and daughter of the family cried after the roof was put up. “It really spoke to me how something as simple as a roof could make someone so happy.” It was one of many realizations students had of how blessed they are and how you can take for granted so many of the essentials that are normal in your life.

The trip to Mexico for our seniors is one we look forward to each year. The physical change for the family is very tangible. The spiritual growth for our students is immeasurable. One Hope teacher summed up the experience… “life-changing. To see a family so happy and being a part of making their life change for the better is so rewarding.”