The Team Behind the Scenes

Spirit Week is just around the corner at Chicago Hope Academy.

But just who are the wacky minds behind it?


The Student Government. Thirty two students who brainstorm, develop and execute activities  for students all year long. David Bauer, Mr. President, says the purpose of the government is to build community and strengthen team spirit all year long.  Along with the upcoming Spirit week, these officers are working on future events including  bowling, field days and the Silent Night sports day in January. Pictured above with David Bauer are Vice President Scout Muzikowski, Jonavan Huggins and D’Myla Hayes.

Allie Pagh, math teacher at Hope, is the Advisor for student government. She is pictured here with Nizah Sanders and D’Myla (right).


Students meet during their elective periods on Tuesday and Wednesday, conquering and dividing to accomplish tasks. Essence Reed (Left) and Marina Munoz (right) work hard on publicity while others gear up for the traditional Bon Fire, held on Thursday, October 2nd at the Club House.


The BonFire will feature the music of this future Grammy Winner, Aarik Gray.


He spends Student Council time practicing hiding from the paparazzi.


David Bauer might not sit in the  Oval Office now, but he is comfortable with the leadership role. You could say he has quite big shoes to fill.

Chicago Hope Academy’s Spirit Week kicks off Homecoming,  Friday, October 4th. The themes for the days are below. Have fun, but remember to follow the school code for modest and professional dress.

2014 Spirit Week Schedule 

Sports Mania Monday

  • Any team you cheer for!
  • Your favorite sports team jersey, t-shirt or sweatshirt

Twin Day Tuesday

  • Come to school dressed exactly like your favorite buddy!

Wacky Wednesday

  • Crazy hairdos
  • Silly sweaters
  • Mix and match patterns
  • Anything wacky!

Throwback Thursday

  • Pick a decade- 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s!
  • Borrow clothes from your grandma?
  • Bell bottom jeans, fanny packs, neon, tie-dye, peace signs

Hope Day Friday

  • Hope shirt or hoodie
  • Show your Hope spirit!

Spirit Week Events:

Class Competitions! Tuesday and Wednesday:  2:;20-3:00. Put away your text books and get ready to compete in some outrageous activities!

Powder-Puff Football Game, Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm-


  • Homecoming Bonfire 6:00-8:00 pm   (the Clubhouse 2431 W. Roosevelt Rd.)
  • Dinner and S’mores will be provided!


  • Fall Sports Pep Rally
  • Homecoming Soccer and Football Games. 4;$5pm and 7 pm at Livingston then Altgeld Park .