Freshman Bible/Bible I

The students will demonstrate an understanding of the bible through a complete biblical narrative, in chronological order. The course will cover the narratives and significant characters of the Old Testament in the first half of the school year. The second half of the year will cover the New Testament and its main characters. The overall theme of the class will be for students to demonstrate knowledge of Jesus Christ being the main character of the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Mr. Hwang

Yohan Hwang

Bible I

Senior Bible

This course examines the fundamental presuppositions of the Christian faith by engaging the question of God’s existence, understanding the major theistic world religions, and exploring worldviews along with their development throughout history. Upon this foundation, the course will build a robust, cumulative case for Christian Theism and discuss how the use of Scripture informs the practice of the modern day church.


Henry Hasson

Senior Bible, and Speech, Logic & Debate