*These electives/clubs are subject to change each semester based on teacher/student support.

FILM: A bi-weekly club where we will view classic and influential films and discuss different filmmaking techniques, analyze scripts, and develop a vocabulary for viewing film as an artistic medium.

ROBOTICS: Currently not open to new students. Request an application from Mr. Hwang to join the following year. Do so if you like to build things or enjoy computer programming. We take part in the FIRST Robotics Competition at UIC in the spring. Will look great in your college application and may be eligible for college scholarships. Full commitment required.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Club: A weekly, 2-hour club that helps students learn about science, technology, engineering and math through creative, hands-on activities. We will have 4 to 6-week learning modules focused on introducing students to different areas of STEM.  

CODING: Want to know how to make a ton of money? From the internet, to phones, computer software and video games, everything is created through coding. This club is intended for students that want to be introduced to the world of coding and software development.

CHAPEL BAND: If you love the Lord and leading His people into worship, please come try out!

CHAPEL BAND- Prep: Interested in serving in Chapel Band but not sure how to go about it? Consider joining Chapel Band Prep, an awesome opportunity to develop your musical skills, develop a worship leading mentality, and learn about all the behind the scenes that go into making worship happen in Chapel.

CHOIR: Love all things music? Come sing with us! Learn the basics of singing in a group and developing ears for harmonies! We’ll be focusing on gospel music and the occasional classical choral piece.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT: If you’re interested in creating the events that make Hope a stronger community, apply for this club! You will be planning Homecoming Week, dances, fundraisers, and everything that makes Hope’s culture so strong! Applications are necessary for admittance.

IMPROV: No experience needed! Develop wit, creativity, and acting skills through this comedic theatre style.

MODERN GREEK: It’s all greek to me! Learn some history, dissect some films, eat some food and learn basic conversational skills.

STRATEGY GAMES: A time to strategize and compete over your favorite board games and card games. Join for a fun way to develop your logic and problem solving skills (and to get a huge brain).

EAGLE MATHLETES :  Official Math Club of Chicago Hope Academy! Eagle Mathletes will be competing in regional, state and national (upon qualification) math competitions throughout the year and will also receive a customized t-shirt with their last name on it which they will be required to wear at all the competitions. Full commitment required.

POETRY: Discover various styles of poetry including: sonnets, narrative, epic, free form, and slam poetry. Club will include writing workshops and the possibility for afterschool activities across the city. Join us for an awesome time of learning and participation as we develop our creativity.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: This club is designed for Students who want to grow in their faith through teaching, mentoring and group conversations designed to help them become disciple-makers. This club meets on Tuesday and Wednesday and is led by Pastor & Mrs. Pankau.

CHESS: Students will enjoy playing the riveting game of chess. There will be rivalries, maybe tears, but mostly friendly competition.

ART: Beginner artists wanted. Paint, sketch, creatively write – it’s all welcome.

WRITING WORKSHOP: This workshop exists to hone students’ academic writing skills.