Spanish I

Spanish I concentrates on understanding and mastering basic sound patterns and meaningful vocabulary and grammar to prepare the learner to use the language appropriately in a variety of situation.  The skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing are all emphasized to develop abilities in oral and written expression.  This course is for students learning Spanish as a second language.

Spanish II

Intermediate Spanish stresses essential vocabulary, sentence structure and idioms necessary for communication, oral and written, concerning daily life, using the Total Physical Response (TPR) Method. Lessons are introduced orally with the aid of correlated written and reading materials. Dialogues are taught audio-lingually. Grammar is presented inductively with the use of generalization. The foreign language is used extensively throughout class periods. Student learns to understand, speak, read, and write in the target language.


Victoria Santiago

Spanish I, Spanish II, and ESL





Jose Ortiz

Honors Spanish I, Honors Spanish II, Honors Spanish III


Spanish III, Spanish IV

El curso está diseñado desde la perspectiva de la Literatura Comparada, disciplina académica creada en el XIX y que tiene como objetivo establecer un diálogo fructífero entre las diversas tradiciones culturales a partir de las obras literarias. En este sentido el curso destacará la lectura y el análisis de textos literarios -en su mayoría obras literarias canónicos de cada tradición-, leídos en traducción y algunos escritos originalmente en castellano. El curso está dictado siguiendo los lineamientos y requisitos del Programa Polimodal y el Bachillerato Internacional (IB)en específica relación con la preparación del examen internacional a fin del próximo año.


Abby Gemmel

Advanced & Native Spanish