Family Interview

Admission to Chicago Hope Academy is based on several important factors, one of which is a personal interview with the applicant and the applicant’s family.

Once the student has completed his/her application and has taken the entrance exam, Chicago Hope will contact the student regarding the Family Interview. Students are not guaranteed to receive an interview, an admissions decision can be reached before or after the interview.

The purpose of the family interview is to make sure that the student is the right fit for Hope.  The interview is a time for us to get to know the student and his/her parents/guardians, while allowing the family to verbalize any questions or concerns that they may have.

Following the family interview, the family will be notified whether or not the student has been accepted (provided that the family has turned in all required items).

If you have any questions regarding a family interview, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, David Geeslin, at 312-491-1600 ext. 222 or