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Please stop by the Admissions office where the College Counselor or another Hope representative will be happy to aid you in your college search.

‘How do I apply to college? What do I have to do?’

(7 steps to follow for each College Application)

1. Fill out application (Online on the college website or through the Common App (CA4))  ***Write your College Essays and have them proofread by at least 3 people (one of which must be your English teacher!) —Know whether the essays need to be sent with the College Application or if you can send them later without the application.

2. Request Transcripts from Chicago Hope Academy via ‘Parchment‘ or through the college’s online application. (After doing so electronically, manually fill out a transcript sheet from the front desk and bring to Ms. Jahnke).

3. Obtain Two/Three Letters of Recommendation:  Find out how many rec. letters each specific college, that you are applying to, needs.  EVERY COLLEGE IS DIFFERENT!  Do your research. Do they want 1 from a teacher and 1 from your school/college counselor?  Do they want 2 from teachers?  Do they want 1 from a teacher and 1 from your Pastor?  [Give teachers AT LEAST three weeks to write a good letter of recommendation for you!]

4. Fill out the top portion of the Secondary School Report HERE and email or hand to Ms. Jahnke so he can fill out the rest of the report and send it to the college.

5.  Send your official ACT Scores to the colleges you apply. (Make sure that the college needs it-It costs to send scores $12 per college) 

6. Does your college require additional documents/essays?(You can out in the admissions portion of their website.)

7.  Feel free to contact any of your colleges to make sure they have everything they need from you!

Click HERE to start the COMMON APP (CA4) : Make sure to give me your username & password so I have it in case you forget it.


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