Hope’s COVID-19 Response

To support the public health initiatives of Chicago during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, Chicago Hope Academy has moved to an e-learning platform beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, through graduation. Until further notice, all on-campus classes, events, practices, and competitions are canceled. 

Chicago Hope Academy E-Learning Day Protocols for Extended School Closure

  1. Students will attend online Zoom class sessions on Mondays and Thursdays from 8AM – 12PM. On both days, students will join all of their instructors for a thirty minute session. 
  2. Attendance will be taken for all real time instruction (Zoom calls)
  3. Google Classroom will serve as the primary source of assignment distribution and course instructions. 
  4. Teachers will communicate with students via email, Zoom sessions, or Google Classroom to schedule individual and group office hours via Zoom.
  5. At the start of each week, teachers will communicate the scope and expectations for assignments for the week. 
  6. Teachers have been intentional about supporting students holistically, and will maintain limits on the length of assignments as grade level teams. Our teachers will be setting reasonable expectations for make-up work and deadlines.
  7. If students are lacking internet or technology access, Jen Pankau will be taking the lead on securing the necessary items to accommodate the students. Please email her at jpankau@chicagohopeacademy.org with any questions. Our staff members are calling each family to ensure every Hope student has communicated his/her ability to access the curriculum and learning opportunities in addition to communicating familial and personal well being. 
  8. If a student is sick or unable to complete assignments, please email Ms. Pankau or Raquel Camacho rcamacho@chicagohopeacademy.org – a student’s absence from Zoom sessions will be documented in the student’s attendance record. 
  9. Ike Muzikowski imuzikowski@chicaghopeacademy.org and Jen Pankau will be available for Parent Office Hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5pm-6pm on Zoom. The Zoom link is included in Hope Happenings messages sent each Friday by Tina Kramm. 

Message on Grading:

With the support of teaching staff and administration, our leadership team has discussed and reviewed our grading policy from many angles. We intend for the final grades of the semester to accurately reflect the knowledge acquired and understanding demonstrated on assessments and classwork. While ISBE advised, at the beginning of distance learning, that schools should not allow grades to drop in the time of distance learning, the initial restriction was lifted. While this original proposal guaranteed an equitable outcome for students who may have lacked access to technology and the internet, it also provided the potential for grade inflation to occur. Since we have confirmed that all students have access to technology and the internet, with Zoom access, teachers will be grading assignments and assessments issued during this time of E-Learning. As a leadership team, we believe this will keep students engaged and will allow us to track progress and growth in these final weeks of the semester. While grades may positively or negatively affect a student’s grades, our teachers are continuing to provide grace and understanding to students with extenuating circumstances.