Friends of Hope is a network of friends committed to intentionally raising up the
next generation of transformational leaders in Chicago.

Mentors of Hope

Mentors of Hope is a movement at Chicago Hope Academy to pair students with a mentor whose particular experiences and interests will benefit our students in growing their personal skill set, achieving their goals and gaining better perspective on what lies ahead after high school. Mentors of Hope benefits students by exposing them to adults who care about them, their development and their future. It benefits mentors by providing an opportunity to serve Hope students and to send the elevator back down.

Become a Mentor of Hope

If you have any questions about the Mentors of Hope program, please email Bart at  

Parents of Hope

Parents of Hope is a committee organized exclusively for supporting both staff and families of Chicago Hope Academy. Our mission is to:

  • Promote the welfare of our students in home, school, place of worship, and throughout the community.
  • Foster the importance of education by providing an avenue for parental involvement, supporting the efforts of the teachers and staff and encouraging communication.
  • Provide our supplemental services, materials, and equipment as well as support innovative ideas and programs for our school.
  • Encourage collaboration and engagement of families, teachers, and staff in the education of our students.
  • Demonstrate Christian values.
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If you have any questions about Parents of Hope, please email Lissette at

The Hope Network

The Hope Network is a group of professionals in the Chicagoland area who desire to come together to create connections that center around a common denominator: Hope. This branch will provide individuals with opportunities to network, volunteer, and build community through a variety of activities and events. By joining the Hope Network, you will support this group in being part of the Force For Good that the Hope Family is in our Chicago community.

Join The Hope Network

If you have any questions about The Hope Network, please email Scout at

Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope is the volunteer service arm of Friends of Hope. Chicago Hope Academy has been blessed by the generosity and kindness of many, and we desire to pay that kindness forward to impact our neighborhood, city and world. We look for opportunities for our school community to serve others with love in the name of Jesus.

Connect with Hands of Hope

If you know of opportunities for our students to be the hands and feet of Jesus, please email Jen at

Churches of Hope

Churches of Hope is an initiative of Chicago Hope Academy to bring together ministry leaders from different churches and ministries within our community, uniting for the common purpose of spreading the Gospel throughout our city. Hope’s building is currently home for three different churches. Being an independent, non-denominational school in Chicago, Hope views itself as a common denominator for many Christian ministries. We look to build up, support and encourage the Christian leaders in the Chicagoland area.

Connect with Churches of Hope

If you have any questions, please email Ike at

Teachers of Hope

Teachers of Hope is an effort to make the classroom more than four walls and a teacher for our students. We truly desire to use the City of Chicago as our classroom, taking field trips, site visits, and more to enhance the learning of our students.

Teachers of Hope is also about encouraging others to enter into our building, sharing with our students the vast knowledge and experiences others may have. We welcome other voices in the classroom. giving our students access to the knowledge, experiences and expertise of Friends of Hope.

Become a Teacher of Hope

If you would like host Hope students in a field trip or site visit or if you would like to be a guest in our classrooms, please click the button above. If you have any questions, please email Brendan at

Partners of Hope

Partners of Hope is a series of partnerships between Chicago Hope Academy and not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, and corporations. Hope is always looking for ways to support our students and aid in their development through resources and partnerships If you or your business would like to pour into the lives of Hope students and the Hope movement, we would love to partner with you.

Partner with Hope

If you would like to partner with Hope, please email Ike Muzikowski at