Friends of Hope

We are a network of friends committed to intentionally raising up the next
generation of transformational leaders in Chicago.

Mentors of Hope

An initiative bent on pairing caring adults and professionals with Chicago Hope Academy students to grow in body, mind, and spirit.

Parents of Hope

A group of parents of Hope students coming together to support the students, staff, and community of Chicago Hope Academy.

The Hope Network

A network of Hope alumni and professionals gathering to create connections that center around a common denominator: Chicago Hope Academy.

Hands of Hope

An effort by Chicago Hope Academy to serve our neighborhood, city, and world, paying forward to others the blessings that have been given to us.

Teachers of Hope

An effort to expand the platform for teaching beyond the Chicago Hope Academy faculty, bringing new voices, new ideas, and new excitement into the classroom in the form of guest speakers.

Partners of Hope

A series of partnerships between Chicago Hope Academy and Non-Profit Organizations,  Businesses, and Institutions for the benefit of the students of Hope.

Churches of Hope

A coalition of ministry leaders with Hope and Christ in common.