Make a Difference with Chicago Hope Academy

Want to make a difference this year but not sure how?

A donor and great friend of Chicago Hope has agreed to match every donation dollar from now until the end of the year up to $1 million.  This is an amazing opportunity for Chicago Hope, and we are calling on all of our supporters for help.  Two million dollars would be a huge blessing to Chicago Hope students.  As of right now, we’ve raised $500K and are halfway there.  Every donation counts.  To give, please visit:


Chicago Hope is a college preparatory (and life preparatory) school dedicated to nurturing and challenging the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – to the glory of God.  This includes:

  1. The Triangle Philosophy – CHA invests in the development of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit to the glory of God.
  2. Servant Attitude – Students are taught to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love their neighbor as themselves. The staff models this principle with passion and conviction. (Mark 9:35; John 15:12,13; Philippians 2:1-8)
  3. Christ Centered Education –The Bible is taught as a core subject emphasizing the authority of God’s Word.
  4. Academic Excellence – CHA is committed to holding faculty and students to a high academic standard.
  5. Family Focus – CHA reaches beyond the student, encouraging family involvement in the education process.

The school has a very well performing athletic program that teaches the values of teamwork, discipline, sacrifice, sportsmanship, and perseverance.  Chicago Hope has passionate, innovative teachers who are gifted encouragers and mentors – and is a school that impacts the student, the family, and the surrounding community for Christ.

How is excellence created at Hope?  The student to faculty ratio is 8:1 with an average of 12 students per classroom.  This small class sizes ensures students receive significant individualized attention from their teachers and no student is “lost in the shuffle.”  Faculty is available before and after school for tutoring and serve as mentors as well as teachers for their students.

Despite its intimate size (less than 200 total students) Hope fields very competitive athletic programs. The Eagles have won regional championships in multiple sports and learned the values of discipline, teamwork, and leadership in the process. Students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities other than athletics, choosing from a wide selection of clubs and electives.

In addition to its size, Hope is unique because of its Christian College Prep focus. As a faith-based high school, every member on staff is a Christian. We welcome students of all spiritual backgrounds, but being a non-denominational Christian school is at our core. Diversity is very important at Hope and is reflected in the geographic, spiritual, financial, and ethnic backgrounds of our students. Our college prep education is based on our rigorous and balanced curriculum. It is reflective of what students experience at a liberal-arts university.

Chicago Hope Academy is not the only school in Chicago to maintain a 100% college acceptance rate for graduates; it is also not the only school to send its graduates to top universities across the country, or have its athletes receive scholarships to play at the D1 collegiate level.  Chicago Hope, like many of its counterparts, is an academically and athletically accomplished high school.  However, while these accomplishments are worthwhile and not exclusive to Hope, the unique environment in which our students earned these results is.

Statistics for Chicago Public Schools:

– Average ACT for CPS is 15.82

– In 2010, 118 shootings involved CPS students

– Average classroom size is 35 students

– Average ACT score for charter schools is 16.71

Statistics for Chicago Hope Academy:

– Average ACT score is 21.5

– Average class size is 12 students

– 100% of graduates are accepted into College