Navy Seals Camp

From July 9-17th Chicago Hope will send off a dozen young men to Camp Trident in Cape Charles, on the eastern shore of Virginia, for Navy Seals Camp.

For six nights the students will sleep in tents and by day hike, swim, paddle, rock climb, repel, and run intensive obstacle courses. They will learn orienteering using a map and compass, as well as firing a weapon in target practice.   All of these activities will be done under the guidance and intensive mentorship of Navy Seals. Some students will experience for the first time a level of discipline which requires them to do something without negotiation or explanation.

The trip will also include a visit to the battle of Gettysburg where students can stand on hallowed ground where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address. It will be a week without phones or electronic games, a chance for some of our Chicago Hope students to be challenged and exceed their own standards for teamwork and self-discipline in the company of some of our nation’s finest citizens.