As the body of Christ we radically manifest the Kingdom of God here on earth in every place we walk into (Isaiah 61:1-3).  At Chicago Hope, Christ is the Luke 20:18 cornerstone of everything we do.  You’ll walk in the front entrance and note Matthew 6:33 on the wall and our prayer is that people would encounter the love of Christ the second they cross that threshold.  We agree with our Father that every student, parent, teacher, administrator and volunteer will be touched by the love of Jesus and leave different than when they came.

Our vision with spiritual life at Chicago Hope Academy is to provide courses in our Christian Studies department to help our students know God; to provide spaces like Chapel and Discipleship Groups to help our students love God; to provide opportunities for our students to serve God through local and global missions/service opportunities.

Know God:
Christian Education

Christian studies department: we have a deep and dynamic 4-year Bible curriculum that guides students through the word in an applicable and deep way.

  • Freshman year: Foundations of Faith (you and God)
  • Sophomore year: Psychology:Christianity & Self, Sociology:Christianity & Culture
  • Junior year: Philosophy:Christianity & the Mind
  • Senior year: Senior Bible: Theology and Apologetics

Commune With God: Discipleship Groups (DG’s)

Teachers intentionally disciple students in small, multi-grade level group settings each day, leading them through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.


At the beginning of each academic year, the whole school goes on a Christian retreat to build community.

Love God: Chapel

Every Friday morning at 10am, the entire school gathers to worship together.