Christ is the foundation of the Hope community. Through participating in spiritual life at Hope, it is our prayer that students will experience the transformational love of Jesus.

Our mission for spiritual life is to create spaces in which students can encounter the living God; to come to know, love, and serve him. By taking Bible classes designed to ground students in historical faith, explain the main story of the Bible, and understand how our beliefs change the way we live, students will grow in how they know God. In attending weekly Chapel services and daily Discipleship Groups, students will grow in their love for God. And through opportunities to give and serve both locally and nationally, students will learn what it means to serve God.

Know God:
Christian Education

We have a dynamic 4-year Bible curriculum that is designed to equip students with the skills needed for studying and applying the Bible in their walk with God.

  • Freshman year: Foundations of Faith
    • Developed to make a case for faith in Christ, this course examines Jesus’ life and teachings in order that students may come to know Him and God’s redemptive work for the world and for individuals.
  • Sophomore year: Psychology/ Sociology
    • In Psychology, students learn what it is as a science and the perspective from a Christian worldview. The elective course of Sociology provides a basic understanding of the society in which we live.
  • Junior year: Archaeology: Society, Culture, and Language
    • Through this course, students will understand the best way to use archaeology is in its usefulness for interpreting Scripture.
  • Senior year: Systematic Theology
    • By examining Scripture, history, and philosophy, this course surveys the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith and their implications for the Church and individual believer.

Love God:
Chapel and Discipleship Groups (DGs)

Chapel: The entire school attends chapel together on Fridays with worship led by fellow students and a message given by curated spreaders, including leaders from all over the city and country.

DG: Students are placed in a small group with same-gender students of various ages to learn from each other and grow under the leadership of a staff member.

Retreat: At the beginning of each academic year, the whole school goes on a retreat to build community.

Serve God:

Students are expected to demonstrate servant leadership by completing at least 10 service hours each year.