Terry Gordon (‘22) is Chicago Hope

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The west side of Chicago is not known for academic excellence. It is known for violence, gangs, poverty, broken families, and low levels of educational attainment. What if your neighborhood school has a 39% graduation rate, an 82% chronic truancy rate, and an average ACT score of 14? What should you do if your school’s reading averages are below grade level, or your parents didn’t go to college, or you can’t dunk a basketball? You may choose a school that ignores geographical boundaries, looks past the exterior of disenfranchised neighborhoods, and holds you accountable to high expectations.

You may find Chicago Hope Academy, where our mission is to provide a high-caliber, affordable Christian education to ambitious families.

Hailing from the Austin neighborhood, Terry Gordon (pictured) found Hope. 4 years of varsity basketball, 2 summer jobs, and 1 Urban Scholars Award later he has a full scholarship to Marquette University. A captain of his team and role model to his peers, Terry exudes respect, poise, determination, and a patient trust in his growth process. Hope has helped Terry embrace these qualities.

Terry was blessed by a school like Hope, not luck. He needed mentorship to keep him focused on academics, not just basketball. He needed the fierce commitment to student advocacy to erase the pressure to join the work force immediately after high school. He needed essay editing, college application guidance and daily mentorship to keep his eyes on the goal of a college degree.

Students like Terry are not asking for a handout, but they will take advantage of a helping hand extended. They’re ambitious, motivated, and hopeful, but many of them are not granted access to a strong and safe community. Students from the West Side need an opportunity because the American dream does not feel like a reality there. Who will put forth the effort to create the opportunity for socioeconomic mobility for students like Terry on the West Side of Chicago?

Hope will.

Thank you for supporting students like Terry,

Ike Muzikowski
President & Principal

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