Financial Aid

At Chicago Hope Financial Aid is need-based and designed to be as affordable as possible. Tuition is based on a sliding scale depending on each family’s situation. Click here for scholarship information.


Financial Aid is an annual process that all newly accepted and returning families need to apply for each year.

  • The deadline for all families is August 1, 2015.

Financial Aid Application

Read the steps below and then click the FAST logo to get started.

  1. Click the logo above and enter your tax information to complete the application. You do not have to pay the application fee until you are finished.
  2. Mail your tax documents to FAST for verification after completing the online application. FAST will email you with instructions on what forms to send.
  3. Once you complete steps 1 & 2, Hope will review your report and mail you a Tuition Agreement form (informing you of your tuition requirement for the upcoming year). This form needs to be signed and returned to Hope.
  • FAST offers 24/7  customer service in English and Spanish. Call 877.326.3278 anytime to receive help with your application.

All copies of tax documents need to be sent to FAST at the following address:

      Attn: FAST Processing
      1316 N. Union St.
      Wilmington, DE 19806