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Laura Jahnke

Laura Jahnke

Chicago Hope Academy College Counselor

$$$ For a List of Scholarships see THIS LIST.  There are also scholarships available at and $$$


SENIORS : Do you want a recommendation letter from your College Counselor?  Download, fill out, and turn in your Senior Profile to Mr. Farrand!             ***Click HERE to download your SENIOR PROFILE!

‘If I want to apply to a college, what do I have to do?’

(7 steps to follow for each College Application)

1. Fill out application (Online on the college website or through the Common App (CA4))  ***Write your College Essays and have them proofread by at least 3 people (one of which must be your English teacher!) –Know whether the essays need to be sent with the College Application or if you can send them later without the application.

2. Request Transcripts from Chicago Hope Academy via ‘Parchment‘ or through the college’s online application. (After doing so electronically, manually fill out a transcript sheet from the front desk and bring to Mr. Farrand.)

3. Obtain Two/Three Letters of Recommendation:  Find out how many rec. letters each specific college, that you are applying to, needs.  EVERY COLLEGE IS DIFFERENT!  Do your research. Do they want 1 from a teacher and 1 from your school/college counselor?  Do they want 2 from teachers?  Do they want 1 from a teacher and 1 from your Pastor?  [Give teachers AT LEAST three weeks to write a good letter of recommendation for you!]

4. Fill out the top portion of the Secondary School Report HEREand email or hand to Mr. Farrand so he can fill out the rest of the report and send it to the college.

5.  Send your official ACT Scores to the colleges you apply. (Make sure that the college needs it-It costs to send scores $12 per college) 

6. Does your college require additional documents/essays?(You can out in the admissions portion of their website.)

7.  Feel free to contact any of your colleges to make sure they have everything they need from you!

*** College/Scholarship Deadlines ***

College Visits 2013 

(You may attend ONLY if you have a pass and are interested to hear from the Admission Reps.  If you are not listening or being respectful, we will ask you to leave!)   ***Location: in the Chapel during Lunch Study Halls.

-Sept. 4, 2013  Trinity International University 

-Sept. 11, 2013  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

-Sept. 25, 2013  Concordia University Chicago 

-Oct. 2, 2013  North Park University Chicago

-Oct. 8, 2013 (Tuesday) Northeastern Illinois University 

-Oct. 9, 2013 (Wednesday) Carnegie Mellon University 

-Oct. 16, 2013  Lincoln College

-Oct. 30, 2013  Taylor University

-Nov. 5, 2013  (Tuesday) St. Norbert College, WI 

-Nov. 6, 2013  City Colleges of Chicago

-Nov. 26, 2013 (Tuesday) Wittenberg University


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College & Testing Info

 JUNIORS & SENIORS:  Do you know the best 2 ways to obtain college scholarships?

 By raising your GPA and ACT scores!


  • GPA:  Academics first!  If your grades start to slip, TALK TO YOUR TEACHER!  They want you to be successful as much as you do!  Otherwise see your School Counselor, Mr. Farrand, and he will put together a plan for you!
  • ACT: If your ACT score isn’t where you want it to be, sign up for the OCTOBER 26th TEST DATE by clicking this link or by going to  (ACT Test Dates @ Chicago Hope AcademyOCTOBER 26, DECEMBER 14, FEBRUARY 8, APRIL 12)
To sign up for the ACT, you must do the following 5 things:
  1. Choose a ‘Username ID’ and ‘Password’ Go to, click ‘Sign In’ and ‘Create a new account.’ (You MUST email me or physically hand me a sheet of paper with your ACT  Username ID and Password on it!)
  2. Choose Test Location: Choose ‘Chicago Hope Academy’ as the ‘Test Location.’
  3. Choose your Method of Payment  The ACT costs $36.50 (w/o the ‘Writing’ section) or $52.50 (with ‘Writing’) or Add ‘Fee Waiver’ if you have one.
  4. Upload a ‘PHOTO ID’ of yourself.  If you have an iPhone, download the free ‘ACT Photo Upload’ app.  If not, go to Mr. Farrand’s office and he will take your photo and upload it on his phone.
  5. Study, study, study.  How?  ACT has a free app you can download with practice tests.  Otherwise go to /log into your account or…  /Click ‘Products‘ from the homepage/click ‘The ACT‘/then click ‘Practice Tests‘ (And start practicing!)

Click HERE for ACT & SAT Score Comparisons.

Click HERE to start the COMMON APP (CA4) : Make sure to give me your username & password so I have it in case you forget it.

(See Mr. Farrand for any questions.)
***Go to the College Counseling Office and pick up an ‘ACT Practice Test.’


College Counselor Q&A

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