Chicago Hope Academy

A college and life preparatory Christian High School that is dedicated to nurturing and challenging the body, mind, and spirit to the glory of God.

"Hope is such a welcoming community. As a freshman, it was easy for me to integrate from a public school to a private school setting. I feel like Hope is really good at hiring teachers who actually care about their students - not just their academic success, but their personal goals as well. I really appreciate that."

MorganHope 2023

"Chicago Hope Academy is a home away from home. The smaller class size is a perfect fit for our kids and teachers go above and beyond to make sure the students excel. Although sports are important, Hope makes sure the children are students first, then athletes."

Kelle and JamesHope Parents

"At Hope, we are taught to be fountains, not drains. What sets Hope apart is our family-like community. Each day we gather together, from all walks of life, to glorify God through our academics, athletics, and our extracurricular activities."

NoahHope 2023

"Hope is a tight-knit school with a big emphasis on academics, sports, and spiritual foundation. After trying a few different high schools for our sons, we found that a school with a Christian-based foundation dedicated to well-rounded education was the best fit. We're happy to be part of the Hope family!"

Tanya and DavidHope Parents

"I appreciate that Hope is very supportive, even with outside life problems. People at Hope are always going to be there for you and remind you that you're not alone. I like that they focus on you as a whole person."

HelenHope 2023

"I found Hope right when I needed to be reminded what is truly important in life. I look forward to every bumper-to-bumper commute that brings me to Hope, and I leave a better person for having been in its atmosphere. Hope students come to school with open minds, open hearts, and an appreciation for the school's unique learning environment. At Hope, students can be seen and heard. I feel honored to listen to them through their essays and become their advocate."

NancyVolunteer Writing Tutor

What's happening at Hope:

August 28, 2023

Ms. McKenzie, Hope’s Learning Specialist

We are excited to have Dionne McKenzie in the role of Learning Specialist this year! Ms. McKenzie brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a Masters in Teaching and love for…
June 28, 2023

A Hope Team’s Archaeology Excavation in Khirbet Safra

Mr. Gerald Leads a Dig in Jordan Hope's Archaeology and Anthropology teacher Talmadge Gerald has been to Khirbet Safra, a hilltop excavation site overlooking the Dead Sea, three times as he…
June 8, 2023

Welcoming Head Basketball Coach Ronnie Fields!

We are excited to introduce Ronnie Fields as the newest addition to the Hope family. Coach Fields will be stepping in as the Head Boys Basketball Coach as we approach the 2023-2024…